Small Group Training

Small Group training is done in groups of 2-4 people of similar goals with a certified Personal Trainer. The trainer will customize an exercise plan to help you meet your goals.

Small Group Training

The Y can help you find your fit with our training programs.  Discover the method that works best for you with our monthly subscription plans.  Our program can help you get the results you want with the attention you need.



TRY IT (1-Month Only) – $35/session

A one-month subscription plan can get you started on your road to finding your fit. Minimum of 3 sessions per month.

CHANGE IT (3-Month subscription) – $30/session

A three-month subscription plan can help you start to truly see changes that can last with consistent efforts.

LIVE IT (6-Month subscription) – $25/session

A six-month subscription plan gives the time need to make lasting lifestyle changes to not only FIND YOUR IT but LIVE IT.