Health & Fitness

The Y is a great place to improve your health, have fun and make new friends! We offer a wide range of programs for every body type, fitness level and goal. Part of our commitment to healthy living includes lifestyle information to help you manage diabetes and obesity.

Health & Fitness

Reaching Wellness Goals

Make your health a priority!  If you are looking to lose weight, get fit and tone, work on performance training, or do rehab and recovery the Y is here to help guide you to a healthier you!

Free Group Exercise

Join a community of friends and tackle weight loss, toning, stress relief or build endurance in a supportive group class.

Personal Training & Massage

Team Training

Team Training is done in groups of 5 or more with a certified Personal Trainer. Team works towards a common goal with regular progress checks towards goal achievement. Your trainer will coach you to success through weekly workouts and team camaraderie.

Aging Well

Chronic Disease Management

Whether your battling a chronic disease or managing a new way of life, our variety of programs can help you navigate the challenges.

Health Care Providers

We work with the areas health care providers to help provide you with a smooth transition between physician and the Y.

Community Collaboration

We work with many other organizations in our communities to provide information and services to people all over the Richmond area.

Adult Sports & Programs

Adult sports activities can be exciting and keep you healthy! From pickleball to volleyball to self-defense programs, we’ve got a lot of options for all ages, levels and interest. The Y is more than just weights and treadmills, so try one of our adult team sports programs to stay active, flexible and competitive. You’ll meet new friends, develop the camaraderie and spirit of a team, refresh your skills and nurture your mind, body and soul. Join us now and renew your interest in the game.