Weekly Camp Themes

Decades: June 3 – 7 


Let's kick off the summer by going back in time to celebrate some of our favorite decades! Break out the bell bottoms or poodle skirt for Wacky Wednesday and let's get jiggy with it. It will be a totally rad, groovy, bodacious time.


Wild, Wild West: June 10 – 14       

theme 2

Howdy, Campers! Dust off your tennis shoes and grab a bandana because we are going back to the wild, wild west. We'll learn about our cowboy code of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility which will guide us through all of our western adventures.


Carnival: June 17 – 21    

theme 3

  Meet us at the Y for the Greatest Show in RVA! This week will be all about carnival games, activities, and maybe even sharing your special talents. Join your camp friends and counselors under the big sky for a great week of carnival fun.


Shipwrecked: June 24 – 28       

theme 4

Ahoy, there - Be on the lookout for pirates! We will learn about treasures under the sea and on land through art, STEM, games, and more! Whether you want to find the buried treasure or walk the plank, you are in for a fun-filled week of discovery.


Baking Wars: July 1 – 5            

theme 5

Calling all those with a sweet tooth -- this week we'll have some friendly competition and get a little messy while we learn about baking. Whether you think you can "nail it" or not, you'll get lots of laughs and make new friends along the way during this delicious week of camp.


Color Craze: July 8 – 12         

theme 6

Like getting colorful? Camp will be all about the colors we see every day, which will include our fan favorite – Color Battle! This week is typically one of the camp favorites, so register early.


Superheroes: July 15 – 19       

theme 7

All superheroes report to duty! We need everyone to unite and defeat the camp villains by creating strategies to protect the entire camp. Learn what it takes to become a superhero and show how to use caring, honesty, respect and responsibility to guide your adventure!


Splashtacular: July 22 – 26      

theme 8

 Beat the summer heat with a wet and water-filled week of thrilling activities. Who knows? You might experience baby pools, water balloons, super soakers, wild water games and activities. Your camper will be sure to have lots of water fun! Get ready to be in the splash zone!


Olympics in Paris: July 29 – August 2          

theme 9

The Olympics are kicking off in Paris, so let's get some friendly competition going at our very own YMCA Summer Olympics! Put on your game face and try out both traditional and new Olympic events as you make leaps and bounds towards earning your place on the Olympic Podiums.


Lost in Space: August 5 – 9

theme 10

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . campers arrived at camp to discover that their YMCA had been turned into a brand-new planet. Campers, we need you to help us explore space and our planet, so don't miss out on this exciting week of discovery!


Dino-Mite: August 12 - 16  

theme 11

Get ready for a dino-mite week of camp as we go back in time to our own Jurassic World! Don't worry about the raptors--whether you're on a dig for fossils or you're running a race in your new T-Rex feet you can count on having lots of prehistoric fun.