Child Watch Information

YMCA Membership includes free Child Watch for our members ages 6 weeks to 10 years old!  We'll watch your little one while you workout, swim, play basketball or more, as long as you stay in the building.


Child Watch hours vary by location based on usage, space and other factors.  Hours can be found on our free YMCA app or by visiting our location pages of any YMCA branch.


  • Minimum age for Child Watch participation is 6 weeks. Maximum age is 10 years. 
  • Maximum time for a child to be in Child Watch is 3 hours per day, but not consecutively; maximum time in one visit is 2 hours. The 3-hour daily time limit may be split between Child Watch shifts (Morning & Evening).
  • Nationwide members and guests my use Child Watch services.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian or designated person listed on YMCA account must check-in to Child Watch and may be asked to show photo ID.
  • Food is not permitted in Child Watch. Sippy cups must only contain water. The exception would be an infant who needs a bottle. 
  • Children must be dropped off in a clean diaper. Employees will change diapers for infants up to 36 months of age. Children taken to the restroom must be able to use restroom by themselves. Staff will assist as able and in compliance with YMCA association restroom supervision policy.  Staff are not expected to toilet-train children but will assist as able.  
    • The YMCA does not allow diaper crème to be used in by staff in Child Watch.  
    • Diaper bags must be labeled with the child’s name.
  • If a child cries continuously for more than 15 minutes, the parent/guardian can be asked to pick up their child.
  • The parent or guardian must remain on YMCA property or be offsite participating in a YMCA program. In case of outdoor running, parent must be registered in the “Running Group” program in Daxko, be reachable via cellphone and be able to get back to the branch within 20 minutes. 
  • For the safety of the children, parent/guardian access is not allowed except in the following cases:  
    • To allow mothers to breastfeed or pump.
    • To console an upset child. 
    • To bottle feed a child that prefers parent/guardian to feed him/herself. 
  • The parent or guardian may be called to remove a child from Child Watch due to inappropriate behavior.

common illness

  • Children will not be permitted in Child Watch with any of the below symptoms:
    • Vomiting or diarrhea 
    • Head lice  
    • Ring worm 
    • Child’s temperature > 100
    • Nasal mucus that can’t be managed by the child that is discolored or heavy, and consistent cough.
    • Any other contagious illness