YMCA Swim Team Information

YMCA Swim Team is the perfect way to start competitive swimming at any age! Compete against YMCAs from across the Richmond area and become a better swimmer in a safe and fun environment.

YMCA Swim Team Information

The YMCA of Greater Richmond’s Swim Team program promotes healthy living, youth development and social responsibility through this fun competitive swim league!  Swim Team is a whole-family sport: the swimmers develop endurance, strength, and flexibility, along with team building and sportsmanship skills while learning all four competitive strokes with their friends.  Parent partition is required to run successful swim meets!

Team Unify

The YMCA of Greater Richmond will now be using Team Unify to digitally manage all of our swim teams!  Team Unify is used to:

  • Swim Team Website
  • Schedules and Events
  • Participant Meet Sign Up
  • Parent Volunteer Sign Up
  • Swim Meet Entries, Scoring, and Results
  • Announcements and Communication

Download the mobile app and stay connected to your team here.  Apple Devices   Android Devices

Click below for each branch’s swim team Team Unify page.

Chester Gators Chickahominy Twisters Goochland Manta Rays Midlothian Tidal Waves
Manchester Marlins Northside Dolphins Patrick Henry Piranhas Petersburg Tsunamis
Powhatan Barracudas Shady Grove Sting Rays Tuckahoe Tiger Sharks

Swim Meet Schedule

Date Home Team Away Teams Theme
October 5, 2019 Patrick Henry
Petersburg, Northside
Chester, Chickahominy
Shady Grove,
Manchester, Powhatan, Goochland
School Spirit
October 19, 2019 Midlothian
Patrick Henry
Chester, Powhatan
Northside, Chickahominy
Manchester, Tuckahoe
Shady Grove, Goochland
November 2, 2019 Shady Grove
Midlothian, Caroline
Chester, Patrick Henry, Goochland
Chickahominy, Northside, Powhatan, Manchester
November 23, 2019 Shady Grove
Tuckahoe, Northside, Goochland
Chester, Chickahominy
Patrick Henry, Powhatan, Manchester, Petersburg
PJ Party
December 7, 2019 SwimRVA Holiday Classic Swim Meet Team Spirit & Happy Holidays
February 1, 2020 Midlothian
Patrick Henry
Goochland, Tuckahoe, Caroline
Chester, Northside, Powhatan, Manchester
Chickahominy, Shady Grove
Team Spirit!
February 15, 2020 Tuckahoe
Shady Grove
Northside, Chester
Midlothian, Chickahominy
Patrick Henry, Goochland
Manchester, Powhatan
PJ Party
February 29, 2020 Petersburg
Patrick Henry
Chester, Chickahominy
Shady Grove, Powhatan
Tuckahoe, Northside
Manchester, Goochland
March 14, 2020 Midlothian
Patrick Henry, Powhatan
Shady Grove, Manchester
Goochland, Northside
Chickahominy, Chester
Rock the Block
March 21, 2020 Championship Meet SwimRVA Spring Fling

Volunteer Training Opportunities

Swim meets are successful in large part because of our parent and volunteer participation.  Each Team is required to provide parent volunteers for swim meets.  We cannot run a meet without your help!

We have several specific volunteer opportunities where you can help.

Starter The starter controls the “pace” of the meet, to keep it moving!
Inexperienced Starters will do an overview training with the Head Referee and/or Aquatics Director.
Experienced starters may be “shadowed” in order to train inexperienced starters.
Head Timer Meets with timers prior to start of meet.
Ensures all stopwatches are working properly, verifies all timers have their timer sheets and reviews the process with them.
Every time an event starts, head timer starts two (2) stop watches in case of a malfunctioning stopwatch with a timer.
Timer Needs to be able to operate a stopwatch correctly.
Verifies swimmer in their lane is in the proper lane (checks timer sheet).
Strokes and Turns Judge Must be knowledgeable and familiar with competitive swimming rules and regulations and be able to fill out DQ cards
It is highly encouraged to watch these few videos from USS Swimming.
Interaction is with the head referee only.  Please direct all questions or concerns to the head referee.
Head Referee A thorough knowledge of strokes and turns is necessary.  Must be trained in strokes and turns.
Calls a “meeting”with strokes and turns judges prior to start of meet.
Must sign off on all DQ’s.
Communicates closely with aquatics and meet directors.
Clerk of Course Recommended to have three (3) clerks of course per meet.  One person calls names.
Second person organizes and seats the swimmers in heats.
Third person releases swimmers to the blocks and assists person seating heats.
Computer/Table Workers We will be using TeamUnify Touchpad software this season, which is similar to Meet Manager/Team Manager.
Table workers need to know how to verify results and place labels on ribbons.
Table workers verify that computer data entry is correct.
Announcer Volunteer uses PA system or bullhorn to announce what event is being called to Clerk of Course and any other pertinent information.
Runners Recommended to have three (3) runners per meet.
First runner takes timer cards from timers to scoring table after each event, not heat.
Second runner takes DQ cards from strokes and turns judge to head referee, then to scoring table.
Third runner assists other runners, posts results and gets DQ cards to coaches.
Mite Parent Assists mite swimmers to clerk of course and behind starting blocks for their events.
Follows the direction from clerk of course to keep swimmers in appropriate seating order.

If you are willing to volunteer at our next swim meet, please complete this short online form:

  • Please enter your first and last name.
  • Please list an email where you can be contacted regarding assisting at YMCA swim meets.
  • Which YMCA swim team are you representing?
    Please select the positions you would like to help with. You can choose more than one.