Social Needs Navigation

The YMCA can help connect people in our communities with other services that the Y may not offer.

Fifty percent of a person’s health is made up of socioeconomic factors like education, job status, food access, and transportation.  The Y is here to help you to secure basic resources you may need by connecting you to organizations who are already helping others in the Greater Richmond area.

Social Needs Navigation


Looking for short term assistance to find help with housing, food, employment, child care or other needs?  The YMCA’s Social Need Navigators are available for assistance in finding programs that are convenient and accessible to individuals. These navigators speak multiple languages and if they do not speak the language needed they will connect to a translation service.


Help1RVA is a collaborative initiative to bring a catalogue of services offered at a free or reduced cost into one, easy to use and FREE platform with over 1,800 local programs.  Help1RVA has a mission to empower communities by connecting individuals to programs that foster wellness and nurture stability.

Start finding programs that work for you!  Simply use your zip code to find programs or get a personalized list based on a short list of questions.

Enter your zip code below and begin finding the affordable healthcare, transportation, and education services you need and more!


To Get Started 

1. Scan the QR code or visit

2. Complete the form

3. A navigator will contact you within 48 hours



Organizations & Agencies

Do you have a program that is available to the community?  Help1RVA is strong because of a collective effort of adding and updating programs.  Adding your program is easy!  Simply complete the form to claim your organization’s program and then build out the services including hours of operation, eligibility requirements, and program language availability.

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