Income-Based Membership

Income Shouldn't Be a Barrier

Don't let income stand in the way of a healthier you! With our income-based memberships, you can have all the benefits of being a YMCA member at a price you can afford.

No matter what type of membership you choose, we offer financial assistance to everyone who qualifies. Using our Income-Based Rate Scale, your monthly rate may be reduced based on your annual income.  Financial assistance is available for individuals earning less than $50,000 per household per year and families earning less than $75,000 per household per year.

These discounts also apply to programs* like youth sports, child care, camp and more!

*Discounts on programs may not be immediately available, and can take up to 48 business hours to process.

*During any period of your membership, you may be asked to provide proof of income to keep your adjusted rate.  But let's get your healthy journey started now; we'll deal with the paperwork later!

**Attention--If you are a returning member with an existing account with us, please follow the steps outlined in this how-to video.**

Step 1: Choose the branch below.

This will be your "home" location.  You can use any YMCA, but your selected branch is the one you plan on using at least half the time.

Step 2: Select your annual household income.

Including income from yourself and others who work in your household.

Step 3: Choose your membership type.

You can choose from Youth, Teen, Young Adult, Young Adult +1, Adult, Adult +1, Senior, Senior +1 and Family memberships.

Choose Your Branch

Current Members and Non-Members

Contact a YMCA staff to for more questions.

YMCA Members who think our income-based rates would benefit you can use our Membership & Program Support form.

Non-members can still take advantage of our income-based pricing for YMCA programs, like youth sports, teens, camp and more.  Complete our Membership & Program Support form to get started.

Need More Assistance?

The YMCA will provide memberships, programs and services for individuals and families who desire to participate and understand the benefits of the YMCA, regardless of ability to pay the established fees. Assistance will be granted, based on financial need.

If you are in need of more assistance than the links above provide, download our Financial Assistance Worksheet (Updated August 2020) to discover what information we need to get you started.

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