History of the Elizabeth Randolph Lewis Powhatan YMCA

The growth of suburbia continued as the twentieth century ended.  Particularly strong expansion in Goochland and Powhatan Counties led to plans to build YMCA branches in both areas.

In Powhatan, local leaders including Elizabeth Randolph and John Latan√© Lewis III, Ruth Boatwright, James Blandford and Stephen Owen.  The Y initially ran various programs, including child care, swimming lessons and athletic programs using borrowed facilities as well as existing branches nearby.

Supporters recognized the well-proven necessity of having a permanent local facility and fundraising efforts went swiftly.

In 2004, the Powhatan Y opened on 9.4 acres at Fight Creek, a county-owned park.  The branch is dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Randolph Lewis who died in 2001.  She served as the campaign chairman until her death.  At that time, her husband, John, assumed that title and lead the effort.  The new Y operates as Elizabeth Randolph Lewis Powhatan YMCA.

The text was taken from the book "The Richmond YMCA: 150 Years of Innovation and Service for Central Virginia" by Edward R. Crews.