Y Achievers

We believe that teens are our future leaders, and we want to make sure they are ready for that role! With our Y Achievers Program, selected teens have a chance to gain increased exposure to career development, and focus on preparing for a successful college career.

Y Achievers

About Y Achievers?

The YMCA’s Achievers programs boost academic achievement and career success for minority and underserved youth, creating confident youth and stronger communities. The Achievers program equips middle school and high school teens with the skills they need to graduate from post-secondary institutions and successfully enter the workforce.

Y Achievers participants

Y Achievers participants

Achievers programs have grown to serve students from a variety of cultures and financial backgrounds, and provide teens with insight into how to navigate the process to secondary education and career success. The program also gives teens positive role models from their own cultural group. The program provides all students the opportunity to network in a like-minded program and bond with peers to push each other toward success.

How does it work?

Each teen enrolled in the Y Achievers program will be expected to attend weekly meetings. The meetings will be centered around a curriculum that focuses on life skills, career development, college preparation, and developing a positive sense of self. In addition to the weekly meetings, once a month Achievers will be responsible for attending a Cluster Workshop. The workshops will serve the purpose of unifying Achievers from across the YMCA of Greater Richmond, as well as give them opportunities to hear from guest speakers that have expertise on the curriculum topics for that particular month.

Program cost is FREE, and transportation is provided if needed.

How can you support our Achievers?

Volunteer support is integral to the Y Achievers program. Volunteers are encouraged to support the Achievers program by giving their commitment and time to the program.  Volunteers can:

  • assist with program planning (workshop preparation),
  • assist with special events (Saturday clusters, induction ceremony, end of year gala),
  • leading a workshop or meeting as a subject matter expert on our curriculum topics,
  • support the program through financial contributions to help alleviate some of the costs of college tours, supplies, food, and other special events that may take place throughout the course of the year.

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