You Did it!

April 19th, 2016

To all those who completed the Monument 10k the other  weekend, Congratulations!

Regardless of the wacky weather and wind, you did it! I hope you show your off your medal with pride because you earned it.

Now you might be a little sore, often times during races you end up pushing yourself a little harder than you did in training. Do not stop moving. It will help keep the soreness at bay. Also, take a little break from running or walking until you feeling recovered. After a race, I tend to do more cross training (cycling, yoga and swimming) until I feel up to speed. Doing something a little different allows for a full recovery. Memorial Day 12k

You might also be thinking… “what do I do now?” or “what is my next goal?”. Some  of the best parts of a training team is the accountability and the companionship. Well, lucky for you there are still training teams that can carry you through the rest of the year. If you haven’t already heard, the YMCA sponsors a training team for the Virginia Memorial Day Races ( It is a great way to make a new goal while building on the base you already have!

I hope that you found the finish line of the Monument 10k to be just the beginning! No matter if it is your first time or 15, it can be the start of another chapter of fitness and health.