YMCA 10k Training Team – Week 8!

March 23rd, 2016

The Big One!

Nikkia the big one 3For many of you, this week will bring the longest mileage you have ever done! Crazy to think just a few weeks ago, a mile seemed a lot longer. Before you stress out about the distance for this week…..breathe. Remember this is what you have been training for and the next training session is a great practice for that. Here are a few tips that you can try out during your “practice” 10k this weekend:

– Lay out a flat version of yourself: It may sound silly, but this is a great way to make sure you have all of your clothing and gear ready the night before. For me laying out everything alleviates the stress of waking up and not being able to find my favorite shorts or a matching pair of socks. For those of you that are into social media, it is a cool way to show off your athletic style by naming it after yourself. For example, my flat person would be named “Flat Nikkia.

-Make a plan with your training pal(s): By now, you may have made a friend on the training team and you may have discussed if you all are going to stay together on race day. If not, now is the time to decide and talk about the plan. Everyone has good days and bad days and race days are no different. If your partner is feeling great and you are not, it may be that they need to go on. The opposite can happen as well and you may find yourself feeling guilty. Don’t.  Remember who you are doing this for!

-Mental practice: Practice makes habits! You want to have a habit of positivity. Being positive is my secret weapon, especially on long runs. Conditions may not be ideal: it could be hot, cold, rainy or humid. But remember you have been training through all of that! You have got this! Pick a phrase or slogan that will pick you up if things are getting tough. A couple of personal favorites are “Cowboy Up”, “I am stronger than this” and “I am still here”. You can also remember your goal or the purpose why you started as a reminder to not give up.

Give these tips a try and see if they work for you! These are all things that can make or break a race day and you have come to far to let anything come between you and your goals!


Nikkia the big one 2

Nikkia the big one 1