YMCA 10k Training Team – Week 7!

March 18th, 2016

Trust Your Training!

training_bookWe are over halfway there! Before you know it, April 9th will be here and you will be ready to crush your goal! By now you have figured out, what to wear, what your pace is, what to eat before and how to hydrate. As you get closer to race day, you might think you need to push yourself harder, go longer  and faster. Instead, trust your training.

In your school days, cramming for a final exam the night before did not work well…. did it? Same thing goes for races. Does not matter if you are walking or running, now is not the time to go overboard. You have worked too hard to ruin it all at the end of the road.

So what should you do? Stick to your training in the same fashion you did before. Keep up the good work you have done so far! Remember, you can not finish the race and meet your goal if you are not healthy enough to make it to the start line. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far and use that to go the distance. Most of all, trust your training!