YMCA 10k Training Team – Week 6!

March 11th, 2016

Finding Your “Why”

Nikkia Finding Your WhyDuring any given training cycle, there is a moment where you remember or realize why you decided to show up to training team or a long run. Remember why you showed up early on weekend days and made time during the week before and after work. You remember your why.

Many of my coaches have brought up this principle of why. It is important because it is the thing that will keep you motivated when you are tired and want to give up. Knowing your why is a big key to your success, not just on race day either. Your why will keep you going long after race day has past.

My why? Well, running makes me happy. Not only endorphins happy but knowing that each mile is an accomplishment and knowing how strong my body is. The running community in Richmond is practically my second family and being with them makes me happy. Another part of my why? I have to finish what I started. No matter the goal, I have to see the end of it.

In the next few training runs and when you get to the start line of the Monument 10k, think of your why. Commit to your why and let it take you to the finish line strong!