YMCA 10k Training Team – Week 4

February 25th, 2016

Figuring Out What Works

Nikkia Running Richmond YMCA

Nikkia and her friend on a run.

Other than the mileage and staying in good health, figuring out what works for you is essential to your training. What to eat, what to wear, how to breathe and your pace. These first couple weeks slowly help you adjust to being active and see what works best for you. Another piece of advice, don’t knock something until you try it. If someone had told me that animal crackers and pretzels would be the difference between an ok long run and a great long run, I would have thought you were crazy. Or that drinking too much water could be just as bad as not drinking enough. I learned these things by trying out suggestions given by coaches, at the clinics and other runners. As many of you already know, you will not know until you try!

Here are some of my suggestions on finding some things that works for me:

For food: Make sure you are eating enough but not too much and not too close to your start time. It might be a piece of toast, english muffin, banana or 1 boiled egg. When you figure out what you like and works well, stick with it. Changing it could lead to different outcomes during your miles. This advice also goes for the dinner the night before as well.

For clothing: Not too hot, not too cold. The first thing I do when prepping for a run is look at the weather at the start and the end. Then, I tack on about 15-20 degrees to see how to dress. It’s important to also dress in layers. We all know how fast the weather can change here in the RVA!

Another important thing, is to find something that is not so tight and not too loose. Many of you probably already know why this is a piece of advice… The last thing you want to worry about during a run is an annoying piece of clothing that is falling down or is cutting off your circulation.

For shoes: Please get fitted. Your coaches have probably already told you this, but it does not hurt to say it again. Good form starts from the bottom up, so getting the right pair of shoes for you is vital to keep up the good momentum. Richmond has a plethora of running shoe speciality stores that can get you in the proper shoe. Keep in mind you can usually get a discount for being on the 10k Training Team. What a perk!

For clinics: Go to them! Knowledge is power and it can not hurt to go and hear something new. Here are the next one that is coming up!

What to Expect on Race Day Clinics

  • Wednesday, April 6 from 7 – 8 p.m.
    Downtown YMCA
    (2 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23220)

So this week I challenge you to find something that works for you. Till next time,