Volunteer Week | Tabitha Irby

April 11th, 2019

Volunteer Week | Tabitha Irby

National Volunteer Week is April 7-13, 2019. We here at the YMCA of Greater Richmond wanted to take this time to highlight some of our amazing volunteers.

We spoke with Youth Development Volunteer at Walnut Hill Elementary School, Tabitha Irby, who shared her Volunteer Story with us.

 Tabitha Irby – Youth Development Volunteer at Walnut Hill Elementary in Petersburg


Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: My name is Tabitha Irby and I am from Virginia Beach, VA. I am twenty years old. I am currently enrolled as a sophomore at Virginia State University and I am majoring in Mass Communications.


Q: How did you come to volunteer at the Y?

 A: I became a volunteer at the YMCA through the work study program at Virginia State University in February, 2019. The program works directly with the Petersburg Y to place us as volunteers in their afterschool program. Each day I go to Walnut Hill Elementary and work with the kids on their homework, tutoring, and other activities.


Q: What makes your Y volunteer opportunity special?

A: There are many things that make my volunteer opportunity special, but the one thing that stands out is the atmosphere. I love going in to volunteer because, as soon as I walk in I am greeted so nicely by the staff and the kids are always so energetic. It’s the highlight of my day, even when my day isn’t the greatest.


Q: What’s something you hope individuals you interact with at the Y take away from this experience?

A: I hope that people understand what it’s like to be an influence in a child’s life, and that it’s a blessing to be able to help make a positive impact by simply volunteering.


Q: What’s something you’re taking away from this volunteer experience?

A: Through this volunteer experience I have learned to respect the creativity of others and to have fun, all while understanding the responsibility and  importance of educating our youth.


Q: What would you say to people interested in volunteering for the y?

A: I would tell them that volunteering for the Y is one of the best decisions they could ever make.


National Volunteer Week is April 7-13, 2019. Consider celebrating with one of our many opportunities at the YMCA.  Find the perfect opportunity for you here.