Volunteer Story – Georgia and Ray

April 26th, 2017

Volunteer Story – Georgia and Ray

Why do you like to volunteer for the Y?17218630_1243891322331650_4700072889709919656_o

  • We volunteer because there are needs – there are so many needs out there.  Especially with children.  There’s a great deal of camaraderie with the volunteers.  It feels good to spend time with people and also know that you are helping the community.  It’s very fulfilling.  Everyone at the Shady Grove Y is so open and eager to help and be available whenever and wherever there is a need.

What are your favorite types of volunteer opportunities?

  • For Togetherhood, we had our first project back in December, not having any idea what to anticipate or what was going to happen.  We volunteered for the Reinhart House which is near St. Mary’s Hospital and provides a comfortable place for a patient’s family to stay.  We collected snacks, toiletries, coloring books, crayons, games and puzzles.  We went in hoping that we would be able to provide 25 individual activity bags and we ended up with 150!  It was just unbelievable how people responded.  We put a sign up and a box out in the lobby of the Shady Grove Y and members responded.  The Y community did the work!  THEY provided the items and we packed the bags.  Our Togetherhood Committee also helped Neighbors Helping Neighbors by supplying them with a lot of volunteers.  NHN collect gifts for kids who might not otherwise receive Christmas presents.  Togetherhood volunteers help with setting up the gym and receiving the gift donations.

How were you introduced to the Y?  How are you engaged in other ways?

Ray Pollard carries donations from toy drive.

  • We joined the Y in the 1970’s.  We had a very active youngster and found out that at the YMCA he could play sports and run around and reduce a lot of his energy.  That’s why we originally started going to the Y.   At the Shady Grove Y we have a group of people who work out, sip on coffee, interact with each other and they are always willing to volunteer and help out.  The Togetherhood group is going to expand soon because of all these passionate people who are members.

What is Togetherhood?

  • Togetherhood is a group of people interested in helping the community and with the leadership of Jaelyn and Lisa at the Shady Grove Y, we hope to have a positive effect in our area.  We have meetings based on everyone’s availability to put together project ideas.  We are just a group of people who love helping where there is a need.

    Volunteers work with the Togetherhood program to package food bags.

    Volunteers work with the Togetherhood program to package food bags.

National Volunteer Week is April 23-29.  Consider celebrating with one of our many opportunities at the YMCA.  Find the perfect opportunity for you here.