Top 5 Reasons to Work for the YMCA

August 1st, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Work for the YMCA

Whether you’re in search for a part-time opportunity or a full-time career, working for a well-known organization that strives to do good in its community has several benefits to consider:

1) The Y cares about its employees.  That’s one of the best parts about working for an organization that cares for others, they care about their employees and how they’re feeling.  They recognize that creating a sense of community and making members happy starts with how they treat the people who have to interact with members directly.


2) You get some great perks!  For starters, they provide you with a free metro-wide membership to help you get in the wellness mindset.  Then, on top of that, they make space for your family.  Whether you have young children in need of constant care or, teens who are on their way to becoming leaders, the Y has programs to encourage your kids to be the best they can be.


3) It’s a great resume builder.  Whether you’re interested in working part-time or full-time, regardless of your position, working for a well-known organization will help build your resume.  When you hand it to future employers, they’ll see that you dedicated time and effort to a philanthropic and wellness based organization that teaches you skills you can take to any future positions.


4) There’s space to grow.  If you do want to stay with the Y long-term (which you totally should) there are endless positions that can align with your long-term goals, and there are plenty of opportunities for promotion.  Also, the Y wants you to grow as a professional, so they provide you with resources to do so through trainings and other programs.


5) Every day is different.  There are so many exciting programs going on within the Y, and every day can be different if you want it to be.  With the permission of your supervisor, you can implement new ideas and help the Y grow even more.


When asked how he liked working for the Y, Devin, one of the camp directors at our Tuckahoe branch, shared this:

“I started working for the Y because I wanted to get better child-care experience.  I started working in After School and honestly, the thing that’s kept me coming back is the leadership here.  All of my supervisors have been amazing.  There’s a lot of great people that work here because it’s just a great organization in general.

Personally, I’m working toward a degree in elementary education, but working for the Y has been perfect for so many reasons.  They are so flexible with your schedule and they understand that, especially as a student, you have a lot going on in other areas of your life.  

Even if you’re not interested in pursuing a career path that involves working with children, working for the Y is great because it teaches you how to become a well-rounded employee.  I’ve learned a lot about giving great customer service and helping out my team and problem solving along the way.”


For more information about all the exciting employment opportunities the Y has to offer, follow this link.