The Big Comeback

April 29th, 2016

Did you get injured by over training for the 10k? Maybe you got hurt doing yard work? Or you fell out of a Nikkia Runninghot tub at the beach? (That last question might only apply to me…)

Well, regardless of what you might have done to hurt yourself, there are 4 little letters to remind you how to recover safely or keep the pain at bay until you can seek medical attention. RICE is the acronym you need to remember when pain strikes: 

R stands for Rest. I struggle with this one. Once you get used to being active, it is hard to stop continuing your level of activity. However, if you do not take the proper time to rest, injured or not, you may do some damage you can not repair. So take 2-3 days off and then try lightly getting back into your routine.

I is for Ice. Ice can reduce the inflammatory response and pain to the affected area. To ensure you do give yourself frostbite, alternate 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the area giving you the trouble. If you can not do ice on the skin, wrap the ice in a towel to provide protection.

C is for Compression. On and after longer runs, I make sure to wear compression socks. Not only do they keep the swelling down, it also assists with keeping the blood flow consistent. There are all types of socks and sleeves that can support your workouts and your recovery, whatever you choose make sure it is comfortable!

E is for Elevation. Elevation helps to reduce swelling and also promotes blood circulation. People often forget this step but sit back, relax and focus on healing!

Nikkia Stretching

While I am no doctor, I will tell you the steps above not only work when you are hurt but also when you are recovering from a hard workout.  If you are experiencing pain, seek medical attention. It is best to do that earlier rather than later, you do not want to be sidelined for long!