Taper Time!

November 3rd, 2016

Taper Time!

Around this time every year the streets, parks and trails get full of runners! As many of you know and have been preparing for the Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon and 8k are all coming up really soon. There are also plenty of other great races that are happening between now and the end of the year. Most of us training for November races are in a period of training called taper. It is a time to let your body recover from the tough parts of training and ensure you are refreshed and ready to go for race day! Here are some of the things I am doing to prep for the NYC marathon in a few short days that you can also apply to your taper.


Hydrate and Eat Right- Now is the time to replenish your body and feed it what it needs to be prepped on race day. Try to add a bit more of protein into your diet in the days leading up to the race. Also, make sure you are hydrating, especially since it is not hot outside and the urge to reach for a swig of water is not as frequent . Add a bit of citrus fruit to keep your immunity in check as well. No one wants to toe the start line with a runny nose!


Rest up-  As you get closer to race day, slow down on tough workouts and speed work. During this time, you should be gradually cutting back, very gradually. While it may seem good to rest, you do not want to go completely dormant as that can cause you to fatigue faster on race day than you did in training. Also, ensure you are getting a full nights rest in the weeks leading up to the race. Often times, it is hard to sleep right before the big event so make sure you have been getting rest to help offset the night before jitters.


Relax and Reflect- Recently, I have seen something called “maranoia”- being freaked out about something going wrong before or during the race. if you feel that sinking feeling, stop and take a deep breath. Then, I want you to pick up your training log or look at your pictures from your training and remember- you are ready. You have done the hard work. The race itself is just a victory lap!


If you are running the Richmond races, look for me out on the course! I will be there to cheer you on. Remember your why and do not sweat the small stuff! You are ready!