Squad Goals

August 8th, 2016

Squad Goals

Having the right people in your corner can really make the difference in your health journey. Having someone to help you push your limits, someone to cheer you on and someone celebrate your accomplishments and make new goals. Living in Richmond with teams and organizations such as the YMCA gives anyone the chance to find a good squad.

Depending on what your goals are, that can shift the type of group you want to be a part of. But there are some qualities you must look for when you plan to join a squad: Meeting time, group size and goals of the group. While these things may seem like little items to focus on but knowing these things from the start, will allow for you to join a group and stick with it.

Meeting Time

Does getting up early make you sick to your stomach or maybe your evening routine includes cooking, cleaning and walking your dog? Well you want to pick a group that meets at a time (and location) that works for you and your schedule. The harder it is to get to a meeting, the less likely you are to consistently show up.

Group Size

Do large groups scare you or do you like to get “lost in the crowd”? Well if you hate crowds and you are in a group of 200 or more, that is not setting you up for success. For me, I find that each size has its own benefits. When I run, I look for larger groups so there is a possibility of people more my speed. In TRX classes or Zumba classes, I like the classes to be a little smaller to allow for more one -on -one with the class instructor.

Group Goals

What is the focus of the group? Is it to be super fast, it is general fitness or just fun? You want your goals to coordinate with the group’s goals. If your goal is to work on toning when the group is focused on endurance, you may get frustrated when the results of all your hard work are not showing in the exact areas you wanted. Richmond is a diverse place with all types of meetups and groups to help and get you where you want to be.

Knowing these things will not only ease you into a group that works for you, but will build a foundation for your goals and provide support. But what if groups aren’t your style? Give one a shot, you never know until you try!