So Now What?

November 18th, 2016


After you complete a series of goals, sometimes you need to take a step back and reassess everything. Now that I’ve finished my big goal for a while- I kinda felt a little lost. However, I sat down and thought about it. My fitness is not as well rounded as I would like, my nutrition has to change because my goals have changed and now is a good time to try some new things!

Just today, I tired some exercises that I used to do six months ago. To put it nicely, I struggled. I stopped working those muscles in order to get the mileage needed for my goal. It was a trade off, one form of fitness for another. So now what? Well I am going to work on getting a more well rounded kind of fitness. I’m looking forward to trying some new fitness classes, learning new body weight exercises and building a strong core. No matter what I choose to do, it can help build a good foundation for my next round of training (whenever I decide to pick another race)! 

 A step back can allow for me to spring forward. I know many of you have just completed your goal race or event of the season- CONGRATULATIONS! It takes weeks and months of hard work to go the distance. While I was out there cheering, I could tell the strength behind each step. You reignited my spark and reminded me how much I love helping others. Maybe even confirming the fact that I would love to teach fitness classes or help others get on track.You never know, you might catch me teaching your next Zumba class! 

The sky is the limit,