When Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

September 14th, 2016

When Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

I have a confession to make. I do not always take my own advice. I go into races and workouts and completely bomb them but every time that happens I learn a lesson and I also take a step back and look at the positives. All of those things I listed above? Happened at a “racecation” I recently went on.

A few of my running friends and I went up to the mountains for the weekend. Long story short, it was a race that can be described as 13.1 miles of rolling hills, winding roads and lovely scenery. What could go wrong? Well…a lot. I use races as checkpoints to see where I can better my training. While I was out on the course, I got lost in conversations with some phenomenal people — so lost that I missed some pretty important things like fueling properly, proper hydration and my race pace. There were other things that I could not correct before the race due to timing and poor planning on my part — my shoes had put in too many miles and the shorts I wore on race day were brand new. This race was my 9th half marathon and I was still learning old lessons.

After thinking about what all went wrong, it is just as important to see what went right or what was positive. For the first time ever, I stopped in the middle of a race to take in the scenery and enjoy what was around me. I spent most of the race getting to know a couple ladies that ran with me and talking about all types of stuff. It has been a while since I ran for that long without focusing on the technical stuff. I wasn’t glued to my watch and I let my mind wonder from the training. I was having fun.

Some days in the thick of training, we need to take a quick step back. Remember your why and get your focus back. After that race, I felt renewed and excited to work harder towards my goals for the fall. Maybe sometimes, everything has to go wrong to get you in the right direction.