Journaling the Journey

September 1st, 2016

Journaling the Journey

I have a secret weapon when it comes to me training plan and workouts. It’s not my shoes, my lucky headband, socks or a hat. It’s my training journal. You might be wondering-how does that make you better? What good is writing down what you have done? Keeping track of what you have done, having a plan for the future and finding motivation when you are feeling low are all great ways to use a journal or a workout log.


Each Sunday, I sit down, reflect on the past weeks workouts and then plan for the next week. I look and see what worked, sometimes I compare it with my food journal and see what didn’t work. With all that information, I make choices for the next week and form an intention for the next set of workouts.


Sometimes when I have a lull in my training or I am concerned about my progress, I look back and see just have far I have come. Other time, I look back to see what worked. For strength training, I write down the size of the weights. For running, I write down pace, distance and weather (and dew point for those who like to be super technical) . For fitness classes I rate my effort and how much I liked it. Having your journal to look back on can give the inspiration to keep going, even when you are worn out.


I also use my journal to motivate me. When I get a new one, I chart out my goals and make plans. The journal helps me to map my fitness journey out. Try writing your workouts down and see how far it can take you.