Beating the Plateau

August 23rd, 2016

Beating the Plateau

Sometimes you can be doing everything right… diet, workouts and drinking enough water and electrolytes, and still not see a change in the scale or in the mirror. This dreaded place is called the plateau. I have been greeted by the plateau a couple times in the last few years. Recently, in order to beat the plateau I had to enlist the help of a personal trainer and nutritionist to get back on track. Unknowingly, my heart rate was too high and my calories were too low. Even though I was working out consistently and eating healthy, I was not eating enough and I was pushing too hard for my body to retain results. While this situation may be a bit unusual, sometime you need help from someone else to meet your goals (hint, hint  The YMCA can help you out here!). Along with that piece of advice I have three things to remember if you hit the plateau and you feel stuck:


Don’t get too cozy.

When we start to see results, sometimes we tend to slack on some things. Maybe stop you  tracking your snacks or you don’t push through that last rep or you haven’t changed up your routine in a couple months. Getting comfortable can cost you the results you worked so hard for. Remember that you are making a lifestyle change, not just a change for a season.


Check your stats.

Sometimes when we reach our goals, we don’t know what the next step is or how to readjust. You want to do enough without getting hurt but you want to push yourself. Now may be a good time to get help from a personal trainer to gauge your fitness and help move you along.  They can do something called a ‘One Rep Test’ to see what your max is and adjust your plan to hit those reps at the right weight. I did this recently, only to find out I was not pushing myself hard enough. Calories are another stat that can affect your goal setting and achieving


Make adjustments.

Like I said before, once you know your stats, you can make the changes necessary. Change can be hard, but if you keep your why in mind and also remember that you are making a change for a better you- you won’t fail.


Keep pushing,