Holiday Commitments

December 7th, 2016

Holiday Commitments

You need to know something about me.  I cannot sing. It is something that I wish I could do. I think it looks like a lot of fun. A very few soft notes is about all I can mutter. But in the end, my insecurity takes over. Being a public servant, I chill and always resort to lip syncing.


For the most part, not being able to sing has had no effect on my everyday life…. until this past fall. Our church puts on a Living Nativity each and every year. It is a wonderful little production held outside, free for the community. We have live animals and a cookie spread that would do Mrs. Fields proud. It is a big deal to our church and most of the congregation participates in some way (costumes, set building, cooking, etc.). This year my husband, Greg, decided he and my girls should participate. I was happy to let him shoulder this extra commitment and supported them lifting their voices while I happily stayed back.


A few hours. All to myself. Once a week.  (As I homeschool mom, these opportunities are few!)


I got one Sunday.


My quiet Sunday afternoons were dashed when my family reentered our nest after the very first practice. I was greeted with, “Everyone wondered where you were!” “So and so asked if our whole family was going to participate.” Then Greg announces, “I thought you’d have fun being with everyone so I signed you up too!”


Sigh.  I was about to be thrust into a world of jazz hands! My lip syncing was going to be on full display.  Not to mention, I had things planned for those quiet afternoons. I mean, nothing exciting, but still. Grocery shopping? Going for a run? Christmas shopping? Making my to do list smaller? Then Pooooof. Good bye productivity. Hello church production.


Now, I know I am not alone. Who hasn’t had an extra commitment thrown on them in the middle of the holiday season? All of us have been there. The YMCA knows this.  Here are some ways we would like to help you out this over committed holiday season.


  • The YMCA offers parents nights out at many locations. Each Y lets you know about their specific program. This can be a real life saver if you need just a few hours to accomplish your Christmas to do list!


  • Many of our Group Exercise classes are held early in the morning or late and night to accommodate everyone’s needs and interests. Depending on your membership options, you can even float from branch to branch to find a schedule that works for you! There’s nothing like some much needed me-time in the midst of holiday madness.


  • Finally, we know you. Don’t worry.  We know December is tricky. Take good care of yourself and if you only can make it in for a quick “hello” over the next few weeks, that’s okay. Many branches have fun January programs and incentives coming up including the YMCA 10k training team to look forward to. These are a great way to get back into your fitness routine once the holiday stress is over!



momblogAs for me, even though I dragged my feet, I ended up having a blast participating in our church play. I was glad Greg pushed me. It was a great time for our family each week. I ended up being very thankful for the unexpected commitment.  I hope your story turns out just the same. May what looks like a schedule wrecker turn out to be a schedule blesser.


Merry Christmas,



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