Going for the Gold

August 15th, 2016

Going for the Gold

It is hard not to get sucked into the Olympics. I must confess, I have been staying up late and streaming coverage nonstop. From the inspirational stories, to the various sports and skills and watching some athletes fall short, while others win big- its easy to see how one can get sucked into watching a sport you might not have known existed. There is so much even us mere fitness mortals can learn from watching the summer games. Just in the past couple days, I have found myself more inspired and driven just from watching the competition. While watching this time, I thought of three things that Olympians have done, to get to where they are now:


Focus on you – when we see the stories about the competing athletes, they often talk about the things they had to give up, the time they spent practicing or how they had to be move to another gym. At some point, they all made choices to push themselves closer to their goals. While I would not recommend quitting your job to train for any fitness goal, there are choices. There will be times where we have to choose ourselves and block out some other factors to meet our goals.


Keep a winning attitude – The hardest part about watching the Olympics for me, is watching those who come in fourth place. Depending on the sport, it can be the smallest difference between getting a medal and not. However, Olympians seem to have endless resilience! They come back later and keep trying. This is another great reminder to us mere mortals that keeping a positive attitude can propel us to our goals!


Go for your gold! – Speaking of goals, remember yours! Olympic athletes are all there chasing the same goal. Many of them have been working towards this goal since they were kids. Just imagine what you can accomplish if you keep your eyes on the prize and push towards your personal gold. So maybe your goal isn’t winning a gold medal, that does not make it any less important or cool to accomplish. Remember your why and that will propel you in the right direction.


Every four years, the Olympics bring us a little joy and inspiration. Hopefully, after you watch the games this year, you will have an added appreciation for the athletes and see a little bit of yourself in the stories on the screen.