During the COVID-19 crisis, the YMCA continues to serve and have tremendous impact.


For 166 years, the YMCA OF GREATER RICHMOND has served our community, adapting to meet changing community needs. Today the needs in our community are urgent, as COVID-19 and the resulting closures and unavailability of community services affect families, seniors and individuals regionally and globally.

During this time, the YMCA continues to serve and to have tremendous impact.

Through the Here.ForGOOD. Fund, the Y is meeting the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic to provide basic needs by promoting health and well-being as well as addressing gaps in service and strengthening our community.

Though continuing to serve during this time presents many challenges, including securing necessary funding, we will need community support to continue our work. Our organization is experiencing a significant loss of revenue due to temporarily closing our Y branches. The Y is investing its human and financial resources to provide support that is critical to helping people during this time.


On March 23, Governor Northam ordered K-12 schools to remain closed for the duration of the 2019-20 school year and called on providers to offer emergency child care for essential employees. As part of the Governor’s Phase One plan, we offered child care to essential personnel at dramatically reduced rates. 

  • The YMCA immediately pivoted its child care operations to provide care for the children of essential employees at 5 of our sites.
  • During this time of stress, families felt relief knowing that the Y is providing safe and engaging programming for their children.



The Y is responding to our community’s need for coordination of resources and care for one another.

  • Healthy at Home – Families, seniors and other individuals stay active, engaged and thriving as they virtually connect with others. The Y has created virtual content that focuses on spirit, mind and body, and continues to actively reach out to our senior members to be sure their needs are met.
  • Community Collection Sites, Food/Hygiene Drives and Blood Drives – Acting as a coalition-builder, the Y has become a hub where people can learn how to access services, donate to other organizations that have urgent needs right now and help one another through volunteering.YMCA locations are serving as community hubs for collecting donations for families who are the most vulnerable during this time.
  • Help1RVA is a collaborative initiative to bring a catalogue of services offered at a free or reduced cost into one, easy to use and FREE platform with over 1,800 local programs.  Help1RVA has a mission to empower communities by connecting individuals to programs that foster wellness and nurture stability.


At the heart of the YMCA is our dedicated staff team. Our staff is the backbone of this organization and we need them. We need them as we continue to respond to urgent needs and as our community returns to a more normal existence.

  • When people return to work and their children are still out of school, the need for Y child care will be higher than ever. Our high quality, trained staff are ready to provide a safe and enriching environment for children at our summer day camps.
  • As we reopen, we know that our community will quickly return to their Y. We know our community will be craving the connection that we have all been denied and the Y is where so many in our community connect with others. The YMCA must be ready.


The Y is here for today and tomorrow!

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