Here. For Good. Membership

Give back to your community simply by being a YMCA member.

Here. For Good. Membership

Make sure the Y remains Here. For Good.

For 166 years, the YMCA has served our region, adapting to serve and meet changing community needs through difficult times. Like all of us, our adaptability and strength has been tested, yet never our commitment to our community and our mission. We believe in accessibility, opportunity, and equity for all.  

As a member, you play a critical role in helping the Y remain Here. For Good. Being a member of the YMCA means you are part of something bigger, part of delivering this mission. Make your membership matter even more by joining the Here. For Good. membership. 


What does it mean to be part of the Here. For Good. membership? By adding an additional 15 percent to your monthly membership dues, you can become part of the Here. For Good. membership. For less than a lunch out or a month of weekly coffee you will:


A week of after-school care for one child, and peace of mind for caregivers that their child is cared for a in safe, nurturing environment. 


Life-saving swim lessons for a child, so one more child can be safe around water without the fear of drowning.


Membership for a senior who turns to the Y for health, connection and community to prevent social isolation.

The sustainability of the Y is vital to continuing addressing the needs of the community. Thank you, for helping us continue this journey and remain Here. For Good.

YMCA Members who contribute through monthly membership also receive:

Membership Thank You Gift


Virtual updates from the CEO

Volunteer Opportunities


Knowing that you are helping to make a difference right here in your community

More Member Benefits

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Tax Deduction

All donations are 100% tax-deductible.  You’ll also receive a tax letter and receipt acknowledging your gift to the YMCA.

Not Yet a YMCA Member?

If you are not a current member of the Y and are interesting in becoming one, join today!