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Lifestyle Change Programs

Losing weight requires making a lifestyle change. Our programs will help you lose body fat, increase lean muscle and have more energy.

Lifestyle Change Programs

LEAN (Lifelong Essentials for Activity & Nutrition)

Don’t know where to start? Lifelong Essentials for Activity & Nutrition (LEAN) supports you in your journey to becoming more active and eating smarter for healthy weight loss. We’ll focus on ways to tip the calorie balance, mindfulness, and positive self-talk. Class is group discussion-based with an in-session physical activity component and delivered over 12 weekly, ninety-minute sessions. Jumpstart your physical activity and get real with your food for a lifetime of wellness!


Fitness Fusion is designed to meet you where you are to help you lose weight through dynamic strength and cardio works in small groups meeting for one hour twice a week.


Are you already active but need help reaching your weight loss goals? The Y Weight Loss Program is for people who are already active but are struggling to lose weight. The program provides tools, knowledge and group support to help you develop plans that support your wellness goals. Class is group discussion-based and delivered over 12 weekly, sixty-minute sessions. Join us, and make friends while moving the needle!