Passport to Wellness

YMCA Passport to Wellness is your destination for a healthier you! Stay active and win prizes along the way!

Welcome aboard!

Passport to Wellness

YMCA Passport to Wellness

Unlock your potential with the YMCA’s Passport to Wellness.  You will travel to exotic locations, but must stay active to get to there and win prizes. Successfully travel to 4 locations for a chance to win a live trip to the mystery tropical destination. Open to Adults, Families, and Youth. Simply sign up in the Y RVA app and track your activity.

What do I do?

Simply complete the challenge!  Our challenges are simple enough that anyone who puts in the time can complete them, yet challenging enough to keep you active!


A drawing will be held at the end of each challenge.  If you complete the challenge, you’re automatically entered!  (Be sure you track your workouts using the YMCA Richmond app!)

And if you complete ALL the challenges, you’ll be entered in the drawing for our GRAND PRIZE!

How To Register

Download our new “YMCA Richmond” app on your smart device and click the “Challenges” button.  You can track your activity or let your wearable technology do it for you!

Don’t have a smart device?  One of our wellness coaches at your local YMCA can help you create an account and login from a device at the YMCA.

Challenge #4 -Safari

It’s time to take a Safari!  This destination’s goal is to be active 3 days a week for 4 weeks OR acquire 12 workouts in 4 weeks!  Track your workouts in the Y app.

DATES: October 1 – 28

Adult Prize: 60-minute massage at a YMCA
Youth Prize: $50 gift card for new shoes

Each participant who completes the challenge will be entered in a drawing for the prizes.