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Massage Therapy

Developing an active and aggressive workout schedule is a heart smart move, but you also might experience soreness and fatigue. Massage therapy can be just what your tired muscles need to reduce stress and pain, and promote overall health and wellness. The Y’s professionals are qualified in a variety of restorative therapies include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sport Massage, Fusion Stone Massage and Reflexology. We offer an assortment of appointment times and locations to maximize the convenience of this important service.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Sore muscles can slow you down – but they don’t have to!  With our certified massage therapists, you’ve feel ready to take on the world again!  Contact the front desk at your local branch to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our therapists.

TRY IT (1-Month Only) – $74/60-minute session

A one-month subscription plan can get you started on your road to finding relaxation. Minimum of 1 session per month.

CHANGE IT (3-Month subscription) – $70/60-minute session

A three-month subscription plan can help you start to see changes that can last.  Minimum of 1 session per month.

LIVE IT (6-Month subscription) – $67/60-minute session

A six-month subscription plan gives the time needed to make lasting lifestyle changes to not only FIND YOUR IT but LIVE IT.  Minimum of 1 session per month.

*Massage Therapy sessions are available for non-YMCA members.  Contact your local branch for non-member pricing.

Available at these YMCA locations:

John RolfeTuckahoe – Midlothian

View our locations page for contact information.