We aim to intentionally strengthen the relationships between traditional health care systems and community-based organizations to support our community.


Recover Rx

Recover Rx offers support for disease privation and management for Diabetes, Hypertension, Weight Management and additional programs.

How to Get Involved

Send the YMCA a HIPAA-compliant referral form or via fax at 888.965.7560.

What the Y Does

The patient will receive a call to determine which program supports their disease prevention or management.*  Then, they will receive one-on-one sessions with Y staff and access to YMCA facilities FREE for 30 days.**

*Programs may be fee-based.
**Patients limited to one 30-day trial.

How the Y Follows Up

The YMCA will send you semi-annual, aggregated reports of your office or department referrals.

For more information or to set up a feedback loop for patient progress, contact us at or 804.474.4301.