Camp and Child Care Forms

Camp and Child Care Forms

Child Care Forms

Thank you for registering for one of our YMCA Camp and Child Care programs!  With our online registration, most of the information we need and are required to have on file was completed during the registration process.  However, there are a few forms that may need signatures or simply can’t be completed online.  Print them out, complete them, and return them to the appropriate program staff.

Before & After School Care

Parent Packet for Before-/After-School Care
Inscripción al Programa de desarrollo Juvenil

Day Camp Forms

Parent Packet – Camp (Updated 2021)


Preschool Parent Packet – Camp (Updated February 2021)

Financial Assistance

The YMCA believes that income shouldn’t be a barrier to quality programs.  If you are interested in our financial assistance program, learn more about our income-based rates.  If you’re already a YMCA member, scroll to the bottom of the page.