Camp Connections – Braveheart

There's a lot of fun happening at Camp Braveheart and the Northside Family YMCA this summer. Stay up to date with what's happening!

Camp Connections – Braveheart

Camp Connections


Week 1: June 18 - 22

From the Camp Director

We’ve have some great fun already, and there’s much more to come this week and this summer!


Be sure to have your campers wear close-toed shoes, like sneakers or tennis shoes.

Program Highlight

This week, our campers participated in the first EVER week of Archery at Camp Braveheart!

LIT Highlight

“Jumpology” Field Trip on Thursday

Camper Ranks

Campers are working hard towards their ranks for the first week and filling up their necklaces.

“COW” (Counselor of the Week)

Each week, a great counselor is deemed the “COW”. We’ll show their picture here!

Next Week Highlights

Next Week’s theme is “Be Your Own Superhero.”  Our theme will be Be Your Own Superhero. This week we will focus on our self-esteem and what characteristics make us each our own superhero. We will continue with swim lessons and archery. Our field trip will be at the roller dome for an afternoon of roller skating!

Our LITs will be conquering the low ropes course over at Camp Hanover.

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