Personal Training Sessions at Atlee Station

July 14th, 2015

Personal Training Sessions at Atlee Station


The Atlee Station Family YMCA provides our members with certified and highly qualified trainers to help you jump start your journey to a fit, healthier you!  Personal Training helps with:

  • Motivation – We help keep you consistent with structure and accountability.
  • Individualized program – Create a program specifically tailored to your wellness goals or chronic health problems.
  • Efficiency – Our trainers show you workouts that maximize your time while giving you the results you are looking for.
  • Improve technical skills – See enhanced results for sports specific skills.
  • Lose Weight – Break through those weight loss plateaus with a variety of workouts.
  • Work Safely and Effectively – Our trainers will teach you the correct way to perform exercises to ensure you can work out safely on your own


Personal Training Fees:

Number of Sessions       

Number of Sessions Members Non-Members
1 $48 $64
3 $135 $160
6 $264 $342
12 $502 $642


You can also bring a buddy and workout together and both save money!  PT Pals (2 people) – $65

Visit the membership desk for more information, or contact your Wellness Director Deanne Hamilton.