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Aquatic Fitness


Improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular conditioning and flexibility. We offer a large variety of water-based exercise classes including water walking, water aerobics, water sports and more.

For a current schedule of aquatic fitness classes, please visit our Schedules page.

Integrating the Zumba philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, the Aqua Zumba class blends it all together into a fun, challenging, water-based workout that is cardio conditioning, body toning and exhilarating..

A recreational exercise program designed to accommodate the abilities of individuals with arthritis and other related diseases. Taught in a group setting with activities and exercises to encourage self care; provide social interaction; improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility; maintain independence; manage pain and relieve symptoms of arthritis.

A high intensity, shallow water class designed to challenge even the most fit member! This class incorporates both cardio and toning components by using the water's resistance and equipment. This class is a great addition to your crosstraining fitness routine. No swimming ability is required.

Beginner's Beware! This moderate to high intensity class will keep you moving to the coolest grooves in the pool! Bring your water bottle as this class is sure to make you sweat!

A great cardio and strengthening class with no impact or strain on your muscles. Participants are highly encouraged to use flotation devices to help focus on core strength and stability. Participants should be comfortable in deep water.

Designed to burn fat, strengthen muscles and build endurance. This class includes
an intense cardiovascular component followed by a strength-training segment
possibly utilizing a variety of equipment.

Geared towards the beginning exerciser, pre and post natal mom or if recovering from an injury, this full body workout is just what you need! The class includes a warm-up, a 30 minute cardiovascular section, toning and a cool down/stretching segment.

For participants with multiple sclerosis; this class combines water walking and
stretching to increase mobility and assist in maintaining muscle tone and strength.

Activate your aqua exercise urge for variety! Silver Splash offers a lot of exciting and shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required. A special Silver Splash kickboard is used to help develop strength, balance and coordination.

Great choice for your first water aerobics class/and post surgical participants!
Water strides is an up-beat, practical alternative of addition to jogging or walking on land. The water provides extra resistance while protecting you from injuries common to higher impact activities. A variety of moves and equipment are used to strengthen muscles, maintain a range of motion and improve flexibility.