Swim Lessons

Register for any YMCA of Greater Richmond Swim Lessons online and get a 5% discount by using the code SWIM2017 now through Dec. 31, 2017.  YMCA Swim Lessons will help your child learn water safety, build confidence and have fun in the water!  This special offer includes parent/child, preschool, beginner youth, intermediate youth and teen/adult.  The Y has instructions for swimmers at all levels and ages. Learn skills that are geared to your personal needs with lesson times that work with your schedule. Whether you are a six-month-old newbie or adult novice, we’ve got private and group lessons and plans to expand your water skills and comfort.

Swim Lessons

Parent with Child

Parent and child will love these fun, game-filled, half-hour lessons. Positive reinforcement helps the child enjoy the water, never forcing them to submerge. Parent/Child classes are an excellent introduction to the pool and our preschool swim lessons.


Pre-schoolers are learning so much everyday, and it's the perfect time to add swimming to that list! At the YMCA, preschool swim lessons are fun, engaging and sure to get your little one moving through the water in no time.

Beginner Youth

Ready to move from playing in the water to moving through the water? Beginner Youth lessons include using a kick board and front crawl to backstroke and rotary breathing.

Intermediate Youth

For current swimmers looking to improve their abilities, Intermediate Youth lessons will teach elementary backstroke and introduce sidestroke, followed by intoducing the butterfly kick and breaststroke, as well as overall endurance and the refinement of all skills.


Teen/Adult swim lessons will cover all the fundamentals of swimming, but at a pace and climate better suited for teens and adults. Emphasis is placed on floating, controlled breathing, front and back crawl, and elementary backstroke, as well as rotary breathing, backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, treading water, and endurance.

Private Lessons

Personal Swim Lessons offer an one-on-one experience to learn or improve your swim techniques.

Advanced Youth

For current swimmers looking to improve their abilities, Advanced Youth lessons will take your swimmer to the next level.