Welcome to the YMCA!

We love our members, and we want you to be one of them! With NO CONTRACTS, and financial assistance available for anyone who qualifies, we welcome everyone - regardless of your age, background, ability or income.

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Welcome to the YMCA!


Membership Types

We offer a few options for membership.  First, choose who you would like on your membership.  Then, choose which type of membership suits your needs.

Who is on my membership?

Our Family Membership is by far our most popular option!  Pay one low monthly rate for your family to have access to the YMCA!  While families vary, we define “family” as adults, dependent children currently claimed on your income tax statements, and any relatives living in the same household, up to a maximum of 3 adults over the age of 26.  Adults must provide proof of common address.  The YMCA of Greater Richmond has the right to confirm family membership status.

Our Adult Membership has a lower monthly rate than our Family Membership and allows one individual between the ages of 30 – 64 to have access to the YMCA.  Or choose our Adult +1 for two individuals on the same account, one of which must be between the ages of 30-64. Both adults must reside in the same household.

Our Young Adult Membership allows for one individual between the ages of 19 – 29 access to our YMCAs, or choose Young Adult +1 for two individuals, one of whom must be between the ages of 19 – 29 and both must reside in the same household.

Our Senior membership allows for one individual age 65 or older access to our YMCA facilities, or the Senior +1 for two adults residing in the same household, one of which must be age 65 or older.

Our Youth Membership is for youth age 12 – 17 and also has a lower monthly rate.  An adult name must be listed on the account as the primary contact/member, but only the youth will have access.


Which type suits me best?

Our Metro Membership allows members access to all 16 facilities in the Richmond area.  This includes all group exercise and water fitness classes, child watch, gymnasiums, indoor pools, and more.  Pay one monthly rate and get the best of every branch!

Our Branch-Only Membership is designed for those who live farther from the city of Richmond, and only have access to one branch.  The Branch-Only membership is available at the Powhatan, Goochland, Petersburg, Northside and Chickahominy locations.

Guest Policy

As a member, we encourage you to bring guests with you!  In fact, we give free guests passes to members each year!  See our guest policy page for more details.

Financial Assistance

No matter what type of membership you choose, we offer financial assistance to everyone who qualifies.  Using our Income-Based Rate Scale, your monthly rate may be reduced based on your annual income.  Financial Assistance is available for individuals earning less than $60,000 per household per year and families earning less than $75,000 per household per year.

Financial Assistance rates are not available online.  Download our Financial Assistance Worksheet to discover what you should bring to any of our locations.

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