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ActivTrax, a revolutionary, web-based virtual trainer program, is now available in all branches of the YMCA of Greater Richmond. ActivTrax takes the guesswork out of your workout - and it's FREE to members!

We've all been there - wondering what exercises to do, when to do them or even how to do them. That's why we've brought you ActivTrax! This "virtual trainer" serves as your workout partner and understands your wants, needs and goals. It's simple to use, very effective and easy to get started. Members can make an appointment with a wellness coach at your local branch location. Once enrolled, the member can login below to track their progress online.

Simply take a quick 5-step strength test and then perform the prescribed exercises using the weights and reps on your workout that you can print from your home computer or the ActivTrax kiosk at the Y.

ActivTrax creates a new workout for you with every visit to the Y - keeping things fresh and interesting. It tells you which equipment to use, how to set the weights and how long to rest between sets. There's even an online exercise library that shows you how to perform the exercises correctly. ActivTrax is for every member at every level - beginner, intermediate or advanced - it guides you, tracks your progress and challenges you on your terms.

To view a sample workout, download the PDF below:
adobe_pdf_icon Sample Workout

ActivTrax offers an optional nutrition component that complements your workout routine. Once you enter your personal information, it provides a weekly meal plan to help you meet your goals. It will even give you a shopping list that you can print and take to the grocery store.

For more information, visit the ActivTrax website.


Once enrolled, members can login below to track their progress online. Not yet a YMCA of Greater Richmond member? Visit our Membership Options page to learn how you can become a member today.